Galleries Saint Hubert

- Rue des Bouchers and rue Marché-aux-Herbes
- 1000 Brussels
- Tel: 02/545.09.90

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Construites en 1846, les galeries Saint Hubert furent les premières galeries couvertes d’Europe. Les galeries se divisent en une galerie de la Reine, une galerie du Roi et une galerie des Princes. Salons de thé, le cinéma Arenberg, brasseries, librairies et boutiques chics occupent les rez-de-chaussée des galeries. Les étages sont occupés par des appartements privés.

Built in 1846, the galleries Saint Hubert were the first covered galleries in Europe. They are divided into one Galerie de la Reine, one Galerie du Roi and one Galerie des Princes.
Tea-rooms, brasseries, libraries and high end shops occupy the ground floor of the galleries. The storeys are occupied by private apartments.

- the entrance is at floor-level and goes via the Rue des Bouchers.
- If you wish to enter via the Rue Marché-aux-Herbes or rue de I’Ecuyer, you need to take one or two steps.
- The entrance through the Rue d’Alsemberg has 3 steps, entrance is however possible via a strong ramp of 0.75 m large and 1.50 m long
- The gallery is accessible and so are most of the shops inside. Access gets difficult at the junction between the Rue des Bouchers.

Visit: the galleries are always open.

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