Magritte Museum

- Musée Magritte Museum
- Musées royaux des Beaux-Arts de Belgique
- Rue de la Régence 3, 1000 Brussels
- Rue du Musée 9, 1000 Brussels (administration)
- Tel. : +32 2 508 32 11
- Fax : +32 2 508 32 32
- Website: :[>]

The museum’s multi-disciplinary collection is unrivaled. It contains more than 200 works consisting of oils on canvas, gouaches, drawings, sculptures and painted objects as well as advertising posters, musical scores, vintage photographs and films produced by the artist.

Parking :
- There are 2 special parkingplaces for the PRM in the Rue du Régent 3
Attention: the spaces are small and the driver needs to get out on the side of the street.
- The circulation on the street is practically impossible due to the round pavements.

Description :
- The entrance is at floor level
- The glass door has no contrasting tape but is easy to open and large
- The front office is not accessible.
- Assistance dogs are allowed.
- The signposting is easily recognisable and visible.
- All halls are large enough and you can find seats on every floor.
- The front desks are adapted to wheelchairusers.
- When you book, it is important to mention your needs and if you are accompanied by an assistance dog.
- The staff is entirely at your disposal to assist you, make the necessary changes and give you the information you ask for
- The reception is excellent
- One staffmember knows the sign language and the museum has a fax.
- The museum offers also audioguides for the visit.

Elevators :
- doors and interior spaces are large enough
- no dot writing nor numbers in Braille
- absence of vocal announcements

Toilet PRM :
- accessible at floor-level.
- Accesshall of 120 m large.
- Height of the toilet : 0,50 m, grab bars on both sides of the pan, the sink does not work .
- The toilets are large and spacious, the door is 0,90 m

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