Museum of Natural Sciences

- Rue Vautier 29 - 1000 Bruxelles
- Tél. : 02/627.42.38
- Fax : 02/646.44.66

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Au museum des Sciences Naturelles, 150 ans d’histoire naturelle sont rassemblés dans plusieurs collections dont une collection d’iguanodons unique au monde, des dinosaures animés plus vrais que nature, toute l’évolution de l’Homme, des insectes et des coquillages, un vivarium d’araignées et d’invertébrés, des baleines géantes, etc.

From Tuesday to Friday from 9h30 till 16h45 and Saturday and Sunday from 10h00 till 18h00. The museum for natural sciences gathers 150 years of natural history, with an impressive collection of Iguanodons, unique in the world, highly realistic animated dinosaurs, the complete evolution of Man, insects and shells, a vivarium with spiders and invertebrates, giant whales, etc.

Main access:
- the entrance for persons in a wheelchair goes through the Rue Wiertz, just at the entrance of the parking lot. Beware that there is no reserved space for the handicapped, but if you call the day before, the staff will reserve you an appropriate space.

- on top of the parking slope, you will reach the entrance to the museum via a gentle slope.
- the first stairs is passed via an individual elevator of which you have to request the key to the reception. After this all floors are accessible through an elevator. Toilets: two adapted toilets are located nearby the shop.

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