Parc de Woluwe et étangs Mellaerts

- Avenue de Tervuren
- 1150 Brussels

- Pemanently open.

- Located on the corner of the Boulevard du Souverain and the Avenue de Tervuren, the Parc de Woluwe has been designed in an English landscape style.
With large lawns, three ponds, small winding roads and numerous sorts of trees, the park is the ideal place for family ballads.

- to access the park, take the Avenue de Tervuren in direction of Namur, the park is on the right hand side, at about one kilometre of the Square Léopold II.

- paths are sometimes in a steep slope, several paths are covered in asphalt, the other in packed soil.

- An accessible tavern-restaurant is available on the Boulevard du Souverain, close to the Avenue de Tervuren.

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