Parc du Botanique

- Rue Royale 236 1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
- Tél.: 02 218 37 32

- Open till 5.30 pm in winter and till 9 pm in summer.

- The Parc du Botanique is an oasis, a little noisy, in the heart of the town. Located close by the Rue Neuve, you can visit its rose garden, the rare trees and the Iris in flower from April till June.

- to reach the upper part of the park, you should enter on the side of the Centre Culturel du Botanique, Rue Royale.
- This entrance also allows you to reach the Centre Culturel where you can find the toilets. There are two other entrances, the one on the Boulevard Saint-Lazare and the other Rue Gineste.

- the paths are covered in thin gravel.

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